Workshops and retreats

Stay in Tyniec Abbey

We invite you to visit the Tyniec Abbey with a guide who will show you around the Abbey and tell you about the history and the tradition of the Tyniec Abbey. We also invite you to go to the monastery museum.
Experience the pervasive Holy Spirit and visit the Tyniec Abbey!

You will find all the necessary information on the website:

We also invite people interested in individual stays in the Abbey to take a look at the Guesthouse offer and the price list of the rooms.


Everybody sometimes needs to spend some time alone, away from the noise and everyday life. A time when you can turn off your computer, forget about mobile phones and stay away from everyday problems. So what is a better way to do it if not retreats?
Entering into the life of the monastery, meeting with the monks, conferences, kindness, charm of the almost 1000 year old Abbey and pervasive peace are the ideal conditions to think about the meaning of life and return to harmony and find inner peace. Here everyone can find someone interesting. Meditation, spirituality, meetings with father Leon Knabit OSB that will fill you with joy and hope – these are only some of our propositions. Every proposition is different but has one common feature: they are deeply rooted in Benedictine tradition and spirituality. They lead to peace and harmony, to live in unity with yourself and your values.

Programme of the retreats in 2018/2019


Workshops in the monastery, led by monks, you could think whether that has a sense. But these are not casual workshops but the one that not only give you knowledge from the given area but also develop your spirituality and help to achieve inner peace and harmony.
In our offer you will find diverse subject area – from the propositions promoting healthy lifestyle and healthy nutrition, artistic workshops, developmental workshops and management workshops.
What is interesting, every topic is deeply rooted in our tradition and spirituality, it gives you the values that are present in our lives for almost 1000 years. We strongly invite you take a look at our offers and come to Tyniec Abbey. Probably every one of you will find something for yourself, you only need to take a look, choose one of them, sign up and come to Tyniec Abbey. You are most welcome here!

Programme of the workshops in 2018/2019

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Msze Święte

10:30 z udziałem wspólnoty mnichów

Dni powszednie
6:30 z udziałem wspólnoty mnichów


Niedziele i święta
15 minut przed każdą Mszą świętą

Dni powszednie

Można umówić się na spowiedź indywidualnie
tel. (+48) 797 590 901 / e-mail:


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Planujemy codzienną wysyłkę takiego newslettera. Nie będzie to tylko wiadomość z informacją o naszych produktach, ale chcemy również dzielić się fragmentami treści monastycznych (apoftegmaty, pisma ascetyczne itp.) oraz informować o nowych artykułach i konferencjach audio.

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