The Benedictine Monks all around the world bond with one community for their whole life. That is why the time of the Postulancy, the Novitiate and the Temporary Vows is dedicated for strengthening the love towards God and towards the particular community that the candidate bonds with from the very beginning. Saint Benedict wrote in the Rule of Saint Benedict: „Does he (candidate) truly seek God?” (RB 58:8) So it has to be analysed whether the candidate really searches for God, does he take part in the prayers eagerly? Does he engage himself through patience, work and obedience in community life?

Before joining the community of monks the candidate comes to the monastery as a guest in order to get to know the life of the community in Tyniec Abbey. His second visit is a two week practice in the monastery with the goal to take a closer look on our community life. Then he talks with the abbot of the monastery and the master of novices to set the possible date of the entry to the community. From the time when the candidate enters the community he begins the six month Postulancy. After that he starts a year of Novitiate. The main purpose of the Novitiate is to continue the search for God and discovering whether the candidate really has a vocation to the monastic life. If he does, then one year after finishing the Novitiate he take Temporary Vows for a year, then he renew them twice. After five and a half year from the moment of entry if he is sufficiently prepared he can take his Solemn Vows. He vows to the God: stability (stabilitas), monastic customs (conversation morum) and obedience (oboedientia) according to the Rule of Saint Benedict.

After temporary vows brothers start theological studies in “Kolegium Filozoficzno-Teologiczne” lead by Dominican Order in Kraków. The graduation from those studies is an indispensable requirement for diaconate and presbyterate ordinations.

Those who are interested in joining the community in Tyniec Abbey please contact the master of novices  Brunona Koniecko OSB. Email:magister@benedyktyni.pl.

The full participation in the life of the community is only possible with the knowledge of the Polish language (although it is not required from the beginning, during the years of the initial formation the candidate may gain the knowledge of the language.)
-age not younger than 19 years old and the preferred age is under 35 years old
-completed matura exam (although every case is considered individually)

Necessary documents:

♦  application

♦  CV

♦  certificate of baptism and the certificate of confirmation

♦  report card and certificate in catechesis

♦  health certificate

♦  opinion of the parish priest

♦  two ID pictures

We also invite you to get to know the most fundamental text for our community life: Rule of Saint Benedict.

Msze Święte

10:30 z udziałem wspólnoty mnichów

Dni powszednie
6:30 z udziałem wspólnoty mnichów


Niedziele i święta
15 minut przed każdą Mszą świętą

Dni powszednie

Można umówić się na spowiedź indywidualnie
tel. (+48) 797 590 901 / e-mail: recepcja@jg.benedyktyni.com


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