The Oblates

regula_sw_benedyktthe Rule of Saint Benedict is not only for monks
The Second Vatican Council reminded us that not only consecrated persons but also laypeople are called to sanctity. So many people more or less consciously search for God, realizing that it is God who leads them. Saint Benedict of Nursia (480 AD-547 AD) proposes to take up that challenge and to seek God in our life with all our strength. The candidates for the monastic community are asked one question: Do you really search for God? Those who do not have a vocation for monastic life but who want to take up the same challenge of seeking God and living their life according to the Rule of Saint Benedict can become the Benedictine Oblates (oblatio – commitment, sacrifice). It is a way of life in which a person without changing their status bonds by a vow with a particular community of monks, living his life according to the Rule of Saint Benedict as the monks do.

Who can become an oblate?
Priests, laypeople, those who live in marriage or single people, all of them can become oblates. As oblates, they are obliged to live their lives according to the Rule of Saint Benedict. The ceremony is not a vow in a sense of monastic vows, it does not bind under the sanction of a cardinal sin. However it is a very conscious renewal of the baptismal promises and a promise to be faithful to them to the end. The point is to take up the vocation of the Christian with all dignity and to make it the lifetime programme. At the same time the oblates become witnesses of Jesus Christ in the world. As normal people who put their trust in the Lord they can carry the light of Jesus Christ to those who live among them. The Rule of Saint Benedict is their guide, a wisdom that can help them to understand the Gospel. With the help of the Rule of Saint Benedict they try to endure their and other people’s weaknesses. Their prayer and especially the Eucharist changes their hearts and make them more aware of other people’s needs.

Spiritual communication
The communication between the oblate and the community of the monks on daily basis is realized through the prayer. The special form of the prayer is the Liturgy of the Hours. Hence we invite you to practise that kind of prayer in spiritual communion with the monks for at least one hour each day.

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